Winter Projects

Steve help December

  • build and add two doors to master bedroom cupboard
  • Build and add pneumatic hardware to a door that lifts above cupboard
  • Build edge of tile in guest bath
  • Can you complete sink and sink plumbing?
  • Put remaining tiles in; we want to buy additional tiles that even tho they aren't the right color but are thin enough (blue). If we get some, put under couch too
  • Install motion sensor lights on upper left wall in Susan's two closets (one in office, one in Ben's room)
  • Install motion sensor lights outside (Mary will show where) (4)

Steve Help November

  • Install second flood light outside art room
  • Fix frame on dishwasher (near floor)
  • Add doors underneath sink in art room
  • Build gazebo type structure in back yard
  • Complete dry wall in garage
  • Finish tile in guest bath (Susan pick tile)
  • If we install granite in master bath,
    • Susan order mirror for master bath
    • Steve install mirror in master bath
    • Susan (optional) choose sconces for master bath
    • Steve install sconces for master bath
  • Larger project: move water pipe between TV room and Susan's office; bury beneath tile and retile the tile
  • Replace tile underneath couch in TV room


  1. 6 bullnose
  2. 20 + 6 x 6 tiles

Tile resources

Tried these: they only have 1/2" thick tiles

  • Fantastic Tile 2910 S. Bascom Avenue, San Jose, California 95124, Telephone: 408-371-6247, Fax: 408-371-5955 They order it; takes a day. They can accept small orders. They can get bullnose.
  • Tile Shop 480 E. Brokaw Road San Jose, CA 95112 408-436-8877 - they have bullnose and 6 x 6 in stock
  • Bullnose Tile 1783 Rogers Ave San Jose, CA 95112 North San Jose Phone number (408) 441-1221 Danielle


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