3/27/13 Go back to 12/21/12 elearning and OIV STATS report and copy and paste all the YouTube views in column:

  1. Revise title so it says "up to 12/21/12" (not 12/28/12)
  2. Copy and paste the 12/21/12 views into the column
  3. The formulas will then subtract the 12/21/12 views from the cumulative views and there will be a larger number for Q1 report.

3/27/13 completed. Copied and pasted 12/21/12 numbers into:

  • SRM
  • vCloud
  • vFabric
  • VSA
  • vSphere
  • VIEW
  • Protect
  • Orchestrator

3/25/13 Takeaway: pull all localized video reports from Vidcaster with custom date range of 2/15/13 - Report End (for Q1 that's 2/15/13 - 3/22/13).

3/25/13 current process

Danielle and Elaine,

Just wanted to clarify what it takes to pull and report on translated videos from Vidcaster.

  1. Each language has to be pulled separately. Because if I pull all languages the numbers for all languages are combined.
  2. The language reports do not tag each product. So French has a listing of all videos with day by day view reports. But no tag to the product it's associated with.
  3. I copy and paste the separate languages into a master spreadsheet.
  4. I then sort the videos by title and add the product name to each video. So if the video belongs to the vSphere set, I enter vSphere into the product column.
  5. I then sort by product and I get all the vSphere videos with a line for each video by language
  6. I then add each column.
  7. I then hide all the days (there are now some 50 days and it makes the spreadsheet very wide)
  8. I then report the numbers into the respective language sheets on the master stats report.

Pulling this report takes an hour to compile.
Entering the data for this report takes at least an hour or more since it's over 500 discrete view entries.

Hi Elaine,

My assumption is that there are other language browser settings counted in the total that are not shown as language options. To be safe, I would not use any data in your dashboard before February 15th. The reports I pulled for you follow the format of the correct way we are displaying data from February 15th on. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We realized after releasing the foreign data that is was not shown correct, my manual reports were, but from my understanding from the developers, it is difficult to re-do that database section that is shown in your dashboard.


On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 7:36 AM, Elaine Sherwood <moc.erawmv|doowrehse#moc.erawmv|doowrehse> wrote:

Can you explain why the totals for vcops was 91 but the English views were 81 plus 1 German one, so 82 total?


From: Danielle Childs [mailto:danielle@vidcaster.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 7:19 AM
To: Mary Lautner (c); Elaine Sherwood
Subject: Re: Check source of vCOPs language numbers

Hi Mary and Elaine,

I sorted out the Analytics issue with our dev team. The data in your dashboard is correct from February 15th on. There was a change in the way we were tracking foreign views at that time, so the previous data is not bad, it is just grouped incorrectly. All of the random foreign views are actually English views from people with those country browser settings, so for those videos, the "All" setting under Languages is your English view count. I was able to account for this when pulling my manual reports, but the dashboard does not account for this before Feb 15th. I checked the reports I sent earlier and it looks like the last one only went up to 2/7. Since you are missing a week of good data, I have made a new report that goes up to last Thursday. You can find this report attached.

It looks like my last certification report was up to 2/14, so that site should be good to use the dashboard, just pull data from 2/15 on using the custom date picker.


On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 10:24 AM, Danielle Childs <moc.retsacdiv|elleinad#moc.retsacdiv|elleinad> wrote:

Hi Mary,

I see the issue you are talking about. I spoke with Elaine about it on the call. There is a bug with the analytics. I am going to get our dev team to fix it and put together my usual view report for you guys so you have the correct data. I will work on getting this to you by the end of today.



On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 4:03 PM, Mary Lautner (c) <moc.erawmv|rentualm#moc.erawmv|rentualm> wrote:

Hi Danielle,

vCOPs OIVs were not translated into any languages and yet when I ran the report I collected 148 views across several languages (see attached). But we did not translate these videos into any language.

Can you explain where these numbers are coming from?

Thanks so much!

3/25/13 more details from Danielle on the reports

The plan is to develop the CSV download further to include categories, it just takes time to build it that way. I can't tell you when that will be available just yet. As you can imagine, our developers are working on all sorts of features, so it is a constant struggle to prioritize development needs. But be assured, I am aware of the time it takes to create these reports and I already have this request on our road map of needs.

My reports were so comprehensive because I spent hours setting it up. The reports I pulled only gave me a unique video code and views over time, that's it. I literally found the unique code for each video and created a master spreadsheet where I put in the title and product associated and I manually put in the order based off of what I saw on the site. As more videos were added, I manually added them to my spreadsheet. If you keep adding to your previous spreadsheet, it is much easier to provide detailed reports than pulling all the data over and over again. Part of the reason I included order is because it made it much easier for me to alphabetize the videos, copy and paste the data I pulled, which I also alphabetized, and then easily set the order back to what I wanted.

Believe me, I know it is a lot of work. I used to wake up at 5am so that I could get the reports done in time for you both. I had to pull a different report for each individual video that had any foreign versions. You shouldn't have to pull 12 reports for each language yet because most of the products don't have any foreign versions. Hopefully we can improve the reporting before that happens. :)

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