VMware June 2013

7/9/13 Notes

From Elaine 7/8/13

I compared the numbers from each month (shown backwards-sorry) and can see we must have missed some numbers in May. It doesn’t make sense that the number would be lower in May than in April, if this is supposed to be cumulative. When I go into May detail for vCenter Orchestrator, I only see Vidcaster numbers. Where are vmware.com numbers from this page: http://www.vmware.com/products/vcenter-orchestrator/resources.html? and what about the YouTube numbers? Are they included in the vidcaster numbers?

Which doesn’t explain everything fully, I realize, because it looks like you don’t have vmware.com and youtube numbers for June either, so at least there is some consistency.

End from Elaine

  • Orchestrator report is not on Omniture. I can file a request to get one set up or can figure out if I can put it in your report. Would have to do so week of July 22.
  • Aside from SRM and vSphere, Vidcaster has incorporated all YouTube numbers. That being said, there are videos that show YouTube

7/5/13 Notes

Specific actions based on recorded conversation with Elaine

  • DONE: eLearning do side by side columns of April, May, June
  • DONE: Certification numbers were lower because the June non English is actually lower. Remember we cannot pull "last 12 months" on any vidcaster site because the non English number gathering was wrong up to February 2013. So we have to rely on Danielle's custom report as a baseline and then add to it with reports covering 2/15/13 on.
  • OIV Pull custom month reports to verify monthly totals. Since the detailed reports on each OIV require cumulative numbers, I pull numbers from 2/22/13 to present. I then subtract the previous month. But we ended up with a really low May. So pulling the months we get:
    • April 17,467.
    • May 24,101
    • June 22,004
    • TOTAL 63,572

But the totals gathered from placing cumulative numbers in all of the OIV series is 121,999. These numbers should be the same. But they are not.

General Notes

  • OIV English for May is very low. Figure out why. Could that be because of my recalibration?
    • Prepare side-by-side columns for Elaine. Determine if there is a missing piece.
      • To prepare these side-by-side numbers will have to pull custom English reports for every product.
      • But could add the totals for the report and worry about plugging in the discrete video numbers in a series at a later time, if at all.
    • My approach has been to collect cumulative numbers. Now I should be pulling discrete numbers. Check that out. Not really. The breakdown reports rely on cumulative numbers.
  • Recalibrate April with custom EN reports. I think that will distribute the totals better. Recalibrate May because when I pulled a total report it was at least twice as many numbers as I have from the equated numbers
  • Certification April and May recalibrate with Danielle's numbers.
  • eLearning is very low in June.
    • Prepare side-by-side comparison of all three months
  • Prepare DASHBOARD with format Elaine is using with the subtotals as shown on the recording. https://vmware.webex.com/vmware/lsr.php?AT=pb&SP=MC&rID=68807392&rKey=0bc14ca59cda482f

7/3/13 Revisions - conversation with Elaine

  • DONE vCloud Automation Center not listed as new OIV. I suspect it's not in the drop down stats menu on Vidcaster so I missed it. I will have to review the whole report again or pull a new one to find these.
    • Pulled custom report and identified the vCAC videos from May 6, 2013 - June 28, 2013. Set up new sheet and connected numbers to summary sheet.
  • DONE Timezone report: Would like reporting on Q2 AND June. Q2 most important. Extrapolate per centages.
  • DONE Dashboard on EUC/SDDC: revise VIEW numbers (add Horizon Mirage and other View listings (2?)
    • Added additional VIEW elearning video view numbers. Put numbers on Dashboard.
  • DONE Dashboard (certification?): recalibrate non English with Danielle's spreadsheet covering reporting Jan- Feb
    • Rechecked Daniel's spreadsheet and could only find 9 views for ZH for Jan-Feb report. Would that mean the other languages were not posted until after 2/15/13? I can't view the other languages on the http://vmwarecertificationvideos.com/ site so I do not know when they were posted. Danielle needs to verify.
  • Review Invideo clicks and extrapolate: links to Training, Product, etc. by product area. Does this report cover Q2?
    • Instructions: For the in-video link report, you actually have a CSV download for this in the Dashboard now. I apologize, I forgot to let you know about this one. To get this report, set the top bar filters to which category/language you want and then don't click the main CSV download. Instead, scroll down the screen to the "Most Clicked Annotations". You will see a small CSV download button. Click this one to get the in-video link report. We were able to add more information into this report, like category and language and a better formatting. We will be adding this better format to the main view report soon.
  • DONE Architecture Toolkit video remove from eLearning report
  • DONE Fix typo (France) on Timezone sheet

Library of all videos follow up

  • Get remaining trivia questions
  • Hope to have it up and running by August 1

6/28/13 Reporting Status

eLearning and OIVs

    1. Need elearning report from Elaine to complete elearning numbers
    2. Need help on certification report; sent request to Vidcaster support
  • vmwarelearning.com all languages reported
  • vmwarelearning.com all English reported
    • ESXi is still not on pull down menu for reports. So have to pull entire English report and find the ESXi videos
  • Adobe SiteCatalyst Shared Dashboard
    • vCloud Director - view changes really slight (1 or 2 per video) between May and June. Did they deprecate the site?
    • SRM - done
    • VSA - done
    • vSphere - done
    • TBD: send me reports on all the reports by email
  • YouTube Reports
    • vSphere - done
    • SRM - done
  • eLearning report from Elaine
    • Elaine sent me email 8:30 am but did not attach report. Asked her to send. I might get it Sunday.
  • Timezone report from Adobe SiteCatalyst Elaine's dashboard - I presume I take June only? Or last 6 months. Or do both. Update: can't get a custom report for 6 months; it defaults to June. Done. June only
  • Languages by country on Elaine's dashboard: do I do a report on those? Note: these reports have not been reviewed. These are elearning videos that are published on sites other than vmware.com/education but that needs to be verified. I have not added these numbers to the June report.
  • Invideo clicks - NOT DONE YET - last time Danielle sent to me. I need it done. Sent email to Vidcaster support.


  • Certification Overviews: Cloud Cert overview was 1500; now it's 1385.
  • Added VCDX Preparation videos (June 18, 2013 release)
  • Need overview by languages report; sent request to Vidcaster

Update Quiz spreadsheet

Source Trivia Questions second pass (added June 2013) http://bryantstreetcafe.wikidot.com/trivia-questions

The second thing is that I need the spreadsheet with all the OIVs updated with titles descriptions (tags and if we have quiz questions or not). Can you work on that for this month?
6/27/13 Have 133 items in database but Vidcaster shows over 150 videos. Still would like those numbers synched up. See Danielle response, below.

I think the work involves:

  • Take 12/22/12 spreadsheet and make sure all the titles, descriptions, tags, and status of quiz questions if fully up to date.
  • Review all existing videos and be sure they are all on the list
  • Add new videos to quiz question database.
  • Identify all videos missing quiz questions


  • 6/24/13
    • Sent Elaine 12/22/13 spreadsheet and told her that I think that's the latest spreadsheet we had
    • Created a Bento database called VMware Video Meta Data

Timezone pages

Also, Can you set up dashboards for the Time zone pages too.
Note:6/26/13 pull the numbers from Elaine's dashboard on site catalyst. There will be a total number by country.

Metrics work

  • Resolve bug with extra line items listed (resolved; work in numbers)
  • Update days on spreadsheet for learning
  • Make sure all videos are accounted for


  • Reviewed Vidcaster reporting when downloading CSV reports. Found a bug. Danielle is going to fix.
  • Added the additional video views from the Omniture report for SRM and vSphere. These are additional views collected from other VMware web sites. (Resolution of Bug 115939)


For issues 1 and 3, this was fixed, but appears be limited to 60 again, I am not sure why. I have a developer looking at it right now. We will make sure this is fixed for tomorrow's server push.

For issue 2, there are a few videos that were uploaded as normal English videos, but they are actually foreign videos. This was back before we had localization set up and they were videos that were promoted via email, but hidden on the site. If you go to the Videos tab you will see there are 151 public videos total and no private videos. The Dashboard says how many of those were viewed in the given date range. The non-categorized videos will count as English videos.

I will send you the country reports again. There is a CSV download button above Most Clicked Annotations where you can now access the in-video link click data. I will be out of the office on Friday, but I can send you the country reports in the morning. Would it make more sense if I sent them on Monday so that you have the full month of June's data?

Bug 115939

Hi Mary,

Good Morning,

Yes, you can combine the generic titles & file names (like 02srminstall_EN_MASTER AND SRM Install).
Because of different naming convention & video’s posted in different web page locations.

Please find the attached .pdf files for your reference. (This is just a sample report for reference).

The file names and the detailed info are: The following file names, braces video names you should add the metrics numbers and calculate(combine)
the video traffic.

SRM file names

SRM Install — > ( 02srminstall_EN_MASTER, SRM Install )
SRM concepts — > ( 01srmconcepts_EN_MASTER, 01installvcenterserver )
SRM Storage — > ( 1733929783001 | SRM Storage, SRM Storage )
SRM Testing Plan — > ( 1733937407001 | SRM Testing Plan, 1733937407001 | 09srmtestingplan_EN_MASTER )
SRM Invent Map — > ( 1733949820001 | SRM Invent Map, 1733949820001 | 06srminventmap_EN_MASTER, SRM Invent Map )
SRM Site Pairing — > (1733949837001 | SRM Site Pairing, 1733949837001 | 03srmsitepairing_EN_MASTER, 03srmsitepairing_EN_MASTER )
SRM Storage pt 2 — > ( 1733949821001 | SRM Storage pt 2, 1733949821001 | 05srmstoragept2_EN_MASTER )
SRM Failover — > ( 1733937404001 | SRM Failover, 1733937404001 | 10srmfailover_EN_MASTER, 2165961867001 | Failover do SRM, 2208092380001 | SRM-Failover)

vSphere file names

Installation vCenter Server — > (1785579843001 | Installation - vCenter Server, Installation - vCenter Server, 1902684150001 | Installation de VMware vCenter Server)
Installation ESXi 5 — > ( 1785571695001 | Installation - ESXi 5, 1913093651001 | 02installesxi5_ZH, 2180729245001 | Instalação do vMware ESXi 5, 1902618622001 |
02installesxi5_ES, 1902560465001 | 02installesxi5_DE, 2165570817001 | Установка VMware ESXi 5, 2161015396001 | VMware ESXi 5 설치)

Hot & Cold Migration – Storage Profiles — > ( 1785579814001 | Hot & Cold Migration – Storage Profiles, Hot & Cold Migration – Storage Profiles )
Storage VMFS — > (1785590319001 | Storage VMFS , Storage VMFS, Storage VMFS)
Migration Hot & Cold – HA — > (1785551625001 | Migration Hot & Cold – HA, 1902578227001 | Migration Hot & Cold Migration - Storage DRS)

Please let me know if you have any questions/queries.


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on this site: sc2.omniture.com Please clarify two reports under SiteCatalyst SHARED DASHBOARDS > SERVICES MARKETING - DASHBOARD. In April extra line items started showing up on the SRM Video Training Report and the vSphere Training Videos Report. Previously we were receiving metric reports on file names such as 01srmconcepts_EN_MASTER or 01installvcenterserver. Now we are also receiving metrics numbers on what appeared to be generic titles. Where are these titles/numbers coming from? Should I be combining the numbers from the file name and the generic title? For example, should I combine 02srminstall_EN_MASTER AND SRM Install numbers? (moc.erawmv|rentualm#moc.erawmv|rentualm). The file names I need info on are: SRM file names SRM Install SRM concepts SRM Storage SRM Testing Plan SRM Invent Map SRM Site Pairing SRM Storage pt 2 SRM Failover vSphere file names Installation vCenter Server Installation ESXi 5 Hot & Cold Migration – Storage Profiles Storage VMFS Migration Hot & Cold – HA
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