VMware July 2013


Trivia Question work

  • Mark Jones - received for vCNS
  • Zimbra: Gayle sent to Elaine in February. I might have them as well. Check.
  • Linus Bourque - email sent 7/9/13. No response.
  • Brian Watrous - email sent 7/9/13. No response.
  • Chris Westphal - email sent 7/9/13. No response.
  • Joe Desmond - email sent 7/9/13. No response.
  • Linus Bourque new video shoot July 2013. Follow up on trivia questions. (Horizon)

Schedule work at VMware recording studio July 8 & 9

I have some OIVs coming up in July. Linus for the July 16, 17 and a new guy, Mark Jones for possibly the 8th and 9th or possibly the 18th and 19th. Are you available?

Follow checklist to cover all work

For example, provide descriptions of each module, tags, get trivia questions, etc.

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