Mary Vigneault uses this for University of Las Vegas Food group

From Connie:

LinkedIn is one of the main recruiting tools: recruiters use it every day to extend their ability to find people who meet specific job descriptions, in seconds, across the country and all over the world. And that's without using the Linkedin online ad capabilities. There is no reason that you should know about the huge adoption of Linkedin in the recruiting community.

So, for example, run a Google search on these words: Linkedin recruiter. There are millions of hits. Here's the Corporate Linkedin recruiter page:

Here's their talent solutions page:

Here's maybe the best page, showing solutions for Recruiters, Job Seekers, and Sales Professionals (look at the navigation across the top, and also, notice the pricing for recruiters—they couldn't get those kinds of $$ if it wasn't hugely helpful in the recruiting process):

Here's the Wired article about why you should really care about Linkedin:

And a few more articles (I like the NT Times article the best):

And after all that, you can visit Amazon, and run the same search. You'll find another 80 results, including several books that tell people how to use it to recruit and more telling people how to use it to *be* recruited.

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