Tobin and Cass

The work could be done in stages as they are still figuring out how much they can spend and exactly what they want done. They would have to submit plans to their HOA so perhaps Susan can help draw up?

This work would be done over time

Some of the details we discussed (incomplete list):

  • Vendor management: they have small repairs needed and they would love someone to find service people and manage their work. Not sure you want to do that. We can get more details on what small things they are talking about.
  • Closet/hot water heater. They would like the closet gutted and redone and a water heater added
  • Revise guest bath: replace shower enclosure and toilet. Susan will visit Sunnyvale to get building code restrictions because ideally Cassandra would love a european type bathroom where the drain is part of the floor and the shower is open. If that's not OK, then the small bath to be replaced by a shower. She doesn't like a lot of grout so is open to other easy to clean surfaces.
  • Possible full kitchen remodel: New cupboards, sink, etc.
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