Steve Work

Bryant Street

  • Paint master bedroom
  • Paint master bathroom
  • Build headboard
  • Install back garden lights around bbq and other locations

Possible work:

  • Lee Zulman: build a vanity desk in a small space 10/9/16 I contacted her and if she is interested she will let me or you know.
  • Joyce: TBD

Bidding Process: Jumpstarting Steve's business

Collecting background and planning information

  1. How much do you want to make in a year? (Mary's estimate 1,500 x $45 an hour = $67,500. This does NOT include any overhead).
  2. How many hours do you want to spend each year doing your work? 1,500 hours (Steve's response)
  3. What are your expenses in running your business?
  4. How much time will a particular job take?
  5. What expenses should be charged to that job? (variable expenses)

Resources for builders

Ideas from Carole 2/23/17

  • Model the behavior: present Steve with a proposal. On cost line items put N/C meaning no charge. But convey that the work I am doing has value.
  • Carole will contact her friend Alfonso who may be able to provide a sample bid I could look at
  • Look for sample bids, see how your work fits in
  • What is the current price structure for construction work?

Process Development

  1. Create the process. Vet it (evaluate)
  2. Do a trial of the process (test it)
  3. Make changes as indicated by the feedback you are getting


  • Always list at least three explicit items as N/C. Customers love thinking they are getting something for free. No matter the size of the client. These can be used as negotiating tools: they are valuable, and yet you are offering them at N/C.
  • Price your bid lowest you can possibly accept to highest. Work within that range
  • Have a plan for scope creep. The tone of your bidding is to be positive, willing to work with the customer, but always protecting yourself with processes that address things like scope creep so you do not end up losing money
  • Pricing has to fit client. Know what the customer's expectations are.
  • You have a standard in your work and you will redo things if you know they are not right. By the same token, your bidding should have that level of care and integrity. If you can't do that, consider hiring a business manager who can do that. (or me!)
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