Social Media Tools


  • Add widgets (can add pininterest, instagram….even an icon about a book you are writing)
  • Strategic mentioning (also works on Google Plus): use @name for a mention. Then it's a link.
  • PROMOTE is where you spend money for more reach.
  • website analytics: referral, growth, how many using mobile, etc. Focus on web analytics. But some businesses might use facebook more and then would use EdgeRank or something to analyze facebook.
  • facebook has notes so you can do blog like content via notes.
  • woobox apps lets you create or use apps to add to your tab page. But I think I need to create a page in facebook first.
  • app center in facebook. (might not be correct spelling)
  • tabsite, shortstack, page modem….
  • small business marketing forum on linkedin..
  • Find other pages related to your business and interest and "like"
  • facepile (facebook) or like box. How to add facebook like box to your website.


  • Promote in facebook
  • Page Like add
  • Suggested page goes into a facebook user's stream
  • Can target by demographics and interests
  • Can tests different ads in different regions
  • They give you data: they drive a Cost Per Click


Benefit Cosmetics
Lynn Canbury assemblage artists…
Electronic Awakening

facebook Groups

  • Groups are more specific; everyone in group can post. More engagement, can be around a topic.


  • It really is OK and powerful to reuse and refer content. It sparks engagement; gets your community broader. 80% other people content, 20% original content.


Follow lots of content on a specific topic.

Talk over slide show using Screen Flow (for YouTube)

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