Social Media Marketing Job Descriptions
  • Be familiar with all social media platforms like
  • etc…and know how to navigate as an administrator thru each.
  • Setup daily tasks and activities for all social media platforms thru Hootsuite with relevant data either from ETMG blogs or repurposed from current news items from related industries. (Frequency determined by the SoMe team & SoMe marketing plan).
  • Develop innovative and creative content across social media platforms.
  • Keep track of social media trends and competition. - social media platforms are evolving.
  • Deliver monthly reports with statistics and results for each platform. Define what you are looking for. Traffic? Views? Demographics?
  • Able to make creative suggestions in the interest of ETMG.
  • Excellent written communication skills with emphasis on proofreading and grammar excellence.
  • Work with the ETMG social media team to ensure a cohesive social media identity and strategy.

Ramping up this work

Assessment of myself

  • Using social media platforms as admin: would have to set those up.
  • Collecting metrics on social media platforms: would need to get definition of what they are looking for. Would need to determine how to get it. So there is set up and learning.
  • Schedule tasks. Pretty straigtforward. I don't think all of it can go through Hootsuite.
  • Writing: not my strong suite.

Time: 10 - 15 hours a week at $40 and hour = at best $600 a week or 2400 a month or about $15,000 a year. Really just barely over unemployment.

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