SEO Homework

Homework 1

  1. Find the search ranking of your website or a website you like
    1. For hypnotherapy, first page
    2. For therapy, can't even find
  2. What is the link popularity of that website?
    1. Tried and it brought up Paula's site but no rank. Not sure how to use it.
    2. Used and found no sites linking to this site.
  3. Describe how you would optimize the website for search engines?
    1. Add more key words
    2. Get links from other web sites to this web site
    3. Get Yelp
    4. Get listed in referral sites such as this (although I scanned and did not see any of these folks with websites…)
  4. If you have access to the site code, add Google Analytics to your site and decide what metrics you are going to monitor and how often.

#3/5/13 class read notes for more approaches

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