SEO Final Homework


  1. You have been retained to market a website with search engines.
    1. Name the website and describe your strategy for marketing the website with search engines.
    2. What tactics will you implement?
    3. What are your goals?
    4. How will you track success?
  2. Create a Google AdWords ad for your business
  3. Think about search engines on sites that are not Google, Bing, Yahoo or
    1. What is the value of search?

Working ideas


Review existing site

Analyze keywords

  • What are the keywords?
    • Essential Life Strategies, Paula Leslie
    • organizational consultant
    • psychotherapist
    • hypnotherapist
    • Women Taking Charge
    • succeed in life
    • women's topics
    • stress
    • anger management
    • succeed in work
    • success
    • turbulent times
    • weight loss
    • life strategy
    • workplace violence

Rethink keywords

  • Can they be clustered into higher level topics (which I will check usage on adwords…)
  • Can other terms be used?

Look at some other sites and see what they did

Searched on therapy Palo Alto. Got three paid sites. One with therapy and palo alto in URL.
Could not find Paula's name. Went through 8 pages of search and her name did not show up.

Wondered, really, how to improve search

Viewed video on how search works:

  • How many times does this keyword appear in your page? (I think we said 20%? Look that up and examine Paula's Page for her keywords)
  • Does the page include synonyms for those words?
  • What is this page's page rank? (examine some of the top ones to view page rank) (how many outside links point to it and how important are those links)

Create a dummy web site with content

General search comments

Why use another search site? Bing for example seems to be very business-oriented offering people tools to drive traffic. I would

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