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March 5, 2013

Google ad words

Create a campaign
Choose search network only. If you chose the other one you would see a banner. Text is much more likely to be clicked on than a banner ad.


Look at the videos and other things that have been posted

Search engine marketing

You pay

Google trends
**this one!!!!*

WordPress SEO by Yoast(plug in for Wordpress.( Other sites might also have keyword checkers focus keyword)
Wordpress can examine keywords and related keywords in text.

Content infographic

Search ranking:

High search

If keyword is in domain name page ranking will go up.

Optimize focus keyword (linkdex another Yoast and Linkdex tools look up)

  1. View keywords in source. Analyze title and other areas in web page to see what words are used there.
  2. Analyze popularity of these keywords google adwords keyword tool
  3. View competitor sites and view source to see what the keywords are. BUT google is not searching on keywords because people were gaming the system so look at other aspects of site.
  4. Get most popular key words in:
    1. Title
    2. Description: important to have this
    3. Domain
    4. Heading
    5. Body copy
    6. Links
    7. Links to other sites
    8. graphics (with alt text which includes keywords)
    9. AND keyword density for all of these should be 4.5


Google recognizes your location so you will get different search results


can ask Google to remove a site from linking to your site

Googe adwords keyword

if the keyword is low wit6h high volume, then it will cost less to pay for in google

Marketing Grader

Page Ranking

Link Popularity

Search Engine Starter Guide

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