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15 Business Reasons to Use Twitter
Some of my comments. The ability to get targeted content.
From book: Twitterville: How Businesses Can Thrive in the New Global Neighborhoods by Shel Israel.
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  1. Distributing coupons and offers
  2. Communicating with Employees
  3. Receiving Customer Complaints
  4. Finding or Posting a Job (#job OR #jobs near:Indianapolis within:50mi)
  5. Information Seeking and Sharing
  6. Inbound Marketing Strategy
  7. Hiumanizing Business
  8. Personal Branding
  9. Twitter SEO with hashtags
  10. Effective Networking
  11. Viral Marketing
  12. Fund Raising
  13. Online Ordering
  14. Public Relations
  15. Communicate Alerts

Shel mentions that some of the business use cases in his books can’t be attributed directly to revenue.

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