Pain Management

Resources from Heather Poupre-King, PhD, Pain Psychologist

  • Pain and Movement Group: Dr. Poupre-King is referring you (5/24/16)
  • Sign up for Pain Psychology Class
  • Biofeedback resources:
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction, Stanford Center for Integrative Medicine, 650 498-5566
  • Self-guided mindfulness-based stress reduction:
  • iPhone/iPad apps for relaxation and pain management (and more available): Calm, Headspace, Kardia


Home health care (where Channing works)

American Chronic Pain Association

Pain Management Research Stanford

Evan 497-9187

Pain Centers

Other resources

Herbal approaches


Shoshanna Resources

Imaginal Nurturing April Steele
WATSU - pool physical therapy
EMDR - Kathy Kreston (408) 507-4457
Cynthia Kong 415 285-1987 EMDR with Imaginal Nurturing
415 250-7642 1246 Castro #9 San Francisco 94114
Gerald Puk PhD 555 Middlefield #224 94301

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