November 2013

Action Items 11/12/13 meeting with Elaine

  1. QA all quiz questions. Status I have QA’d Horizon View, vCNS, and VSA. I have sent status to Cathy.
  2. Look for questions that have "all of the above" in the last location
  3. Keep to A B C D
  4. Complete spell check
  5. Check # of questions
  6. Did Phil Cohen actually deliver those questions? YES
  7. Verify who gave me questions on vCOPS Brian or? STEVE JONES
  8. Floating Link clones forward and copy the mail to Cathy on View 11/15/13 DONE
  9. John Kreuger: did he provide questions for 5.0? Yes
  10. Copy and paste first
  11. Resolve module title is not the same as question on spreadsheet

Status November 13, 2013

  1. Reviewed and corrected questions in ESXi.
  2. Input all Horizon Mirage questions.
  3. Reviewed an input corrections in Orchestrator

Status November 15, 2013

  1. Phil Cohen was assigned questions by Damian Wraa.
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