Status on Oxycontin ER

12/5/14: Hi Diane and Dr. Ratanasiripong,
Our unhelpful insurance company is insisting that Susan try one of their alternative medications. Would the following medications be as effective for Susan as the Oxycontin 15 MG?. They are: Morphine Sulfate ER 15 MG OR Oxymorphone HCL ER 15 MG. In the meantime, I will prepare paperwork for a redetermination in case the doctor would not recommend these meds. BTW, Susan could not complete her MRI on Wed because for some reason her pain patch fell off and she was very twitchy. We are working to keep the patch solidly on her skin and she has a new date for the MRI (before she sees you on Dec 11). Thank you! - Mary

Redetermination details

  • Susan's WellCare ID: 4168443
  • 12/5/14 WellCare Customer Service Ticket Number: 100587866

Canadian Drugs


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