May 2013 Report Details

Note to Elaine and Danielle June 2, 2013
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Hi Elaine and Danielle,

Here are details of the change in data collection of Vidcaster views this month. In summary, I was collecting views of videos right off the Vidcaster site by scrolling down each video and viewing the total views. When Vidcaster removed those total views from the site, I found out from Danielle that those total views do contain more than English views. So I had to redo my data collection and remove any views that were non English. That resulted in a loss of views from some products although most had a gain.

In a perfect world I should be able to account for all of those lost views. I can't. Some of the videos were never translated, yet the stats showing English only versus showing ALL are sometimes different. I have made a note of those differences.

This month every video, English and non English, was collected in the same way: use Danielle's 2/21/13 report and then pull stats from 2/22/13 – 5/31/13. The reports are attached.

In the attachments there are notes of minor things I found, such as ESXi is missing from the reports menu. I also found sometimes the report I pulled (CSV) did not agree exactly in total numbers with the number displayed on the Vidcaster site. Sometimes the number was off by only one number.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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