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Operations Process Document

Payroll Process:

September 6, 2014 work

  • With a budget of $300 month, it makes sense for focus on one demographic (for example, seniors, pregnant women, sports)
  • I researched the steps to create an ad and documented on Google ads page.
  • I wrote three ads: one each for seniors, sports, and pregnant women. But each demographic requires its own campaign and its own keywords so I am thinking do only one and create ads for that one.
  • Google Ads Detailed Process:

August 29, 2014 work

  • Created a sample list of keyword phrases pulling from Lucia's master keyword list
  • Posted keywords into Google Campaign Manager. Identified estimated cost per click and posted numbers on master spreadsheet
  • Filled out ad development template with info on MTC
  • Created sample sports ad

Next steps

  1. Learn how to connect keywords to ads
  2. Learn how to turn ad on and off
  3. Create two additional ads

August 25, 2014
Hi Marylyn,

I have carefully scanned the Massage Therapy Center home page. I do not see any keywords embedded in the source. But I don't know much about web pages so I may have missed them.

I see you have an analysis of keywords. Are you familiar with what the analysis actually was. I am not sure what was studed (analyzed).

I am going to go ahead and test some keywords tho.



Hi Mary,
I don't know much about the keywords analysis and how they were used in the web pages. My interest in the keywords was to learn how to use them in the content of blog articles.

It would be best to ask Max, MTC's webmaster, if you need more info. He may be able to give you guidance about which ones might work best, or how to do analysis. You can check out resources on line, such as, but I'm perhaps you've already done this.

Please le me know what you find out. Thanks Mary!

August 14, 2014 Lucia, Mary, and Marylyn

This is what I am prepared to do (Mary):

  1. Pull keywords from the Massage Therapy Center main page.
  2. Use those keywords as a starting off place to develop a list of about 20 keywords (actually word "strings" because they are more than one word)
  3. Determine the cost of each keyword
  4. Create four sample ads based on a $250 a month budget (but NOT go live, of course!)

Additional notes and followup

  • Lucia will talk to Karen about $250 a month budget for Google ads
  • Marylyn will pull the keyword list that had been developed for MTC
  • Review what's on YELP site (various). Should video be improved?
  • Marylyn to research facebook reach
  • Mary to send Marylyn Constant Contact slides and/or video if possible (I did get my money backd)
  • Mary to review Constant Contact free offerings and see what might be valuable to explore
  • Amazon local needs research: how does it work?

June 26, 2014 Lucia, Mary and Marylyn

  1. facebook: how much does it cost to reach everyone who has "liked" a business page? - MARY
  2. Wordpress error message "bad SEO": what does that mean? - MARY
    1. 7/20/14 I have searched for an answer and can't find one.
  3. Links from other businesses: Mary provide more detail - MARY
  4. Report on Google Analytics: MARY
  5. YELP:
    1. How to get more reviews
    2. How much for an ad?
    3. Resources:
      1. (MTC is already spending at YELP and therefore can post ads…)
  6. Google ads: get more details - MARY
  7. Geo Location ads: how do they do it? How easy is it?
  8. Ads in hotels (Marylyn idea). Possibly B&Bs in area like Cowper Inn
  9. Keywords: do a session to cover what they are, etc. MARY
  10. Evaluation competitors - Mary (Lucia sent the list)
  11. Amazon local: provide more details = MARYLYN


Max Elman moc.gorfrozar|xam#moc.gorfrozar|xam - webmaster

June 26, 2014 Notes

  • See links in May 29 for additional information
  • Has the Massage Therapy Center signed up for Google Webmaster Tools? If so, then we can find out where users come from and what keywords they searched on to find the site.
  • REACH - how many views
  • ENGAGEMENT - how many interactions
  • SENTIMENT - what was the quality of the interaction
  • LOYALTY - how frequent are your fans/followers visiting and engaging? Who are your key influencers?
  • CONVERSIONS - how many interactions, clicks or likes converted into a sale, signup, or completion?

May 29, 2014 meeting action items

Lucia, Mary, Marylyn

ideas: metrics

  • what metrics does Lucia use to monitor health of her business?
    • Does your current report have any of the metrics that are on Lucia's report?
    • Does your current report demonstrate how social media affected sales volume, revenue and costs?
    • Does your current report illustrate which social media activities are delivering the highest return?
    • Does your current report help you make better decisions about which activities to increase?
    • Does your current report help you make decisions about what activities to stop?
  • who is your customer? Demographics. Define in detail everything you know about them.
  • (what is your grade?)

Google Analytics


  • Fresh content
  • links to your site
  • quality of links and content


  • Number of keywords in the content
  • Where the keywords display: in the title, metadata, hyperlinks, headings, all tags
  • keyword relevancy
  • how popular is the site (link popularity). How many other sites link to your site?
  • is the site readable
  • does the site offer easy indexing
  • how often is the site referenced in social media
  • how popular is the main author of the site

Error note for in-page analytics

We've identified problems in your setup. These may cause problems loading In-Page Analytics.
Error: The Website in your settings (, redirects into a different domain. ( In-Page Analytics currently works on only one domain. Note that and are NOT considered to be on the same domain. Also, make sure you're not redirecting from http:// to https:// or vice versa.

What is a session?
Each time a user comes to the Massage Therapy Site, a new session is started and tracked. If the user goes to additional pages within the web site, the session timeout extends (a session is closed after 30 minutes of no activity). If the user comes back to the page later, a new session is recorded.

What does this mean for MTC?
  • Longer sessions mean the user has stayed on the site for a longer period of time. That could be a good indicator that the user is a potential or current client. He or she may be reading about therapy modalities, or reading the blog (if it's within the MTC web site).
  • A shorter session may mean a client setting up an appt and already knows the site. Or it can mean a user saw the site, and then moved on to another site.
  • If MTC chooses to place a Google ad, the tracking will be different.

Sample report April 23, 2014 - one month (March 24-April 23)

How do they find MTC?

  • 46% from an organic search (using google to find massage services, for example)
  • 36% from a referral (for example, from Yelp or a link from another website)
  • 16% direct (they know how to find your site)
  • 5% from social media
  • Small amounts from email or other

Who are the visitors?

We can look at new and returning visitors, but unless we reset the web page (Max's email) we can't see demographics.
51.8% are new visitors; 48.2% are returning visitors
Bounce rate: 57%. That means that 57% of the visitors come to the site and then left right away. a 50% bounce rate is average; MTC is higher. So another area to look at: why are visitors leaving? Then that would mean looking at how visitors came to the site.

What pages do visitors look at?
  • 4,469 visits to Massage Therapy Center web site (average visit about 3 minutes)
  • 1,501 visitors went to booking page (average visit about 1.37 minutes)
  • 150 visitors viewed modalities page
  • 144 visitors viewed profiles of therapists (average visit lasted nearly 5 minutes)
  • 53 viewed pricing
  • 48 viewed services on site
  • 46 viewed myfascial release page
What languages?
  • 96% EN-US
  • Chinese .5 %
  • Brazilian portuguese .33%
  • French .22%
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