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Summer Calendar for Midgaard

I have set up a google calendar:

Password: vacati0n
Note the “o” is a “zero”

MIPCA Board Meeting (Annual)

  • 2017: Judy and/or KareyAnne have committed to going. Jim will be on vacation. Meeting Sunday July 30.
  • 2016: Jim attended

Midgaard summer camp logistics and questions

  • Electrical: lots of extension cords plugged in everywhere. Does the wiring need to be checked, upgraded? From Judy September 2, 2017:

This is our last night at MIdgaard for the year. A few days ago all of the lights upstairs, to the right of the bathroom, stopped working, except for the one wall light that is wired in. A circuit blew, I am thinking. I do not know where the circuit board is or if it takes fuses or what and because it wasn't critical we just left it that way. But it underlines the need for some rewiring here. I worry that some day the place could burn down because of the overloaded circuits and all those extension cords. Can we get someone to take a look at the situation and make some recommendations? What would that take?

  • Cathy noticed maybe the septic tank needs to be upgraded? What is status?

From KareyAnne July 5, 2017

  • How are we dealing with the bedding now? In the past, I understood that my Grandmother would take it on herself. What did we do last year with the laundry? Do we need to look into a laundry service? Should we otherwise suggest guests take bedding down to the local laundromat before leaving?
  • Who opens camp and when should that happen? Tons of things need to be done, and how do compensate whoever that is for their time and effort.
  • Bug bombing
  • Cleaning up bug/mice debris, sweeping/mopping/surface cleaning
  • Do we do a wash on all the dishes every new year? or is that as we use?
  • Pump installation and uninstallation
  • What is the fireplace situation this year? I know it's been used on and off but I think especially with new guests we need to have clearer rules and instructions surrounding that usage.
  • What's the procedure for leaving camp clean for its next guests? What happens when people start abusing those guidelines?We should have a running list of items that we need to start fixing,
  • a paper one, where visitors can report what needs to be done vs what people have done.

Shared Documents


Agenda and notes:
Next proposed meeting: December 11, 2016

Jim and Geri work December 2016

  • January - March Completed:
    • bathroom redo. New shower, toilet, sink. Cleaned up. Done by Doug Kitchell. New electrical line brought in to handle hair dryers
    • New blinds installed where old ones were
    • Smoke detectors installed
    • Kitchen floor taken out and redone
    • Steve connected dishwasher
    • Steve found a stove and installed
    • First floor painted. See
  • Estimated we need to pay out $10,000 to $11,000 to get the house rentable (hopefully by Feb 1). Jim has about $3,000 in account; we need $7-8,000 more. Options:
    • Assessment on owners and pay out of our pockets (Judy, Mary, Jim, KareyAnne?) $2,000 each?
    • Or business line of credit ($750 in closing costs and 5 to 7% interest)
    • One of us opens up a credit card with a limit of $8,000. If we could find a deal for low or no interest. Jim is willing to consider doing this
  • Four trailers of trash hauled away
  • Geri cleaned stove and refridgerator
  • Jim swept every part of the house
  • Jim added missing light bulbs
  • Tested boiler: it can easily keep house warm at 70 degrees
  • Paid off utility bills and fine for having car on property without a license (Proex will pursue reimbursement from tenants we evicted)
  • Electric company replaced a touchpad (for what, Mary asks)
  • Painter painted first floor (see photos
  • Met with contractor to get bids on replacing/restoring kitchen floor and replacing bathroom (Jim and Geri picked out a tub, toilet and a vanity/or pedestal with fixtures
  • Plumber fixed kitchen faucet
  • Plumber said hot water heater was leaking and would need replacement (Dec checked; not leaking because no one there?)
  • Main waste pipe from bathroom was leaking (Dec checked; not leaking because no one there?)
  • Electrician recommends replacing 60 amp box with 200 amp box with direct lines to each of the heavily used electrical appliances (most already have)
  • Other electrical tasks need doing such as non working switch (and Mary asks, do we need to do anything with the knob and tube in the basement?)
  • All the mini blinds in the house need to be replaced (Jim and Geri bought 13 blinds for $90)
  • Cleaning the house: $600
  • Painting the house downstairs only $2,500
  • Upgrade to 200AMP box $1,650

Rent Status from Jim March 2017

  • Four NMU students will start paying rent April and will move in in May

Renting 1308 Status 11/19/16 from Jim

  • Fix leaking pipe in basement
  • Fix bathroom: mold, tiles falling off
  • No gas coming to house (do we know why?)
  • Paint downstairs
  • Fix floor in kitchen
  • Still no quote for chimney - January 2017 Update: Still looking for a chimney person (Jim) (Steve, do you know any?)

On the cabin front, I’ve emailed the cabin-fixing guy two or three times, but have gotten no response. Steve, have you had any conversations with him in the past few months? Just wondering where his proposal is. Also I’ve asked him if he knows of any chimney guys.

  • Wiring/plumbing for washer/drier (I think that's a phase two activity?)

History of family and house

Tina made a great suggestion. Her idea was to put together a book of some sort that contained the history of 1308 and information about our family when they lived there and, of course, information about John’s career, Vida’s art and the elder John’s career at NMU. This would be for the benefit of renters and, secondarily, ProEx, who may not have a full appreciation of the history and value of this house.

Reporting taxes

From Jim: Tax wise, I have no idea how Karol dealt with her half of income and tax on 1308. For a few years, my brother Don and I used a partnership as the vehicle for our half of the income and subsequent tax. We abandoned that approach years ago, and since then the income and expense have gone unreported. In most years when it was a partnership, we reported a loss.
This year, I will return to reporting income for my half. I haven’t talked to Don about how this will be handled. I will pass on whatever I learn.


Priority work on the properties

  1. Repair 1308 chimney. Still waiting for a bid (10/30/16)
  2. Save money to pay for Midgaard log repair. Waiting for a bid (10/30/16). Contractor can't work on Midgaard for two years (he's so busy). So this work would be Summer 2019.
  3. 1308 bathroom repairs: tile is moldy and broken on the edge of the tub; sink is leaking, etc.
  4. Clean the sewer lines on 1308.


Completed or in progress


  • 2017 MIPCA Annual Meeting in Marquette is July 31. Judy and/or KareyAnne have committed to attend. Jim will not attend 2017 Annual Meeting (off to Australia!) - Annual Picnic July 29, 2017.
  • Current working agreement on staying at Midgaard: Lautner-Peterson manages July; Morris manages August.
  • Family members donate $20 a night for staying at Midgaard (A family member is anyone who is a direct descendant of John Lautner or Cathleen Morris). Give money to Jim or Jess.
  • Family friends donate $30 a night for staying at Midgaard
  • Judy and KareyAnne are the shareholders for the Lautner-Peterson side
  • Judy and KareyAnne need to send personal details to MIPCA: to be listed on the social register this year, please send your name, email and phone # to moc.liamg|eokhcubjb#moc.liamg|eokhcubjb. Let them know this info pertains to camp #44. They’ll need to info by May 15.
  • Jim needs to send a letter to MIPCA getting Judy and KareyAnne's names to replace Karol and John (see KareyAnne Action Item; we decided to get everyone to sign the letter).
  • Sometime in September: Mary and Steve are going to do a facetime walkthrough of Midgaard documenting all problems. Jim and Steve found and met an expert guy who repairs logs. He's booked for two years out. He will be sending us a bid.
  • January 2017 Update: On the cabin front, Jim has emailed the cabin-fixing guy two or three times, but have gotten no response. Steve, have you had any conversations with him in the past few months? Just wondering where his proposal is. Also I’ve asked him if he knows of any chimney guys.

1308 Presque Isle "Keepsake"

  • We are using a property manager to manager 1308 Presque. John DeMay at ProEx Realty (1229 W Washington St Suite 2, Marquette, MI 49855 Phone:(800) 425-9340). He takes 10% of the rent. Rent will be set to $1,400 a month in 2016. New leases were signed May 1, 2016.
    • Utilities are in the name of the rentors; they pay the utilities
    • House was designed by Joy Wheeler Dow (Marquette History August 2013)
    • Downstairs floors need to be sanded
  • Tina's suggestion, Jim's response: As for your suggestions regarding ways to lower the cost of heating 1308, I’d like to do some research on the pellet stove and the gas insert with blower. Neither of these options is anything we can do right away for obvious financial reasons, but perhaps in a year or two, if things go well with the new tenants and nothing big and unforeseen happens, we can act on one of these options.



  • Agree on a way to make decisions. Jim has proposed a majority vote from Mary, Judy, KareyAnne (representing Steve), Jim, and Brett. Jim and Brett 50% weight, Mary, Judy, KareyAnne 50% weight. Larger decisions (such as selling 1308) should require a different vote.

1308 Presque Isle

  • 1308 fixes needed:
    • Dishwasher not working
    • Leaking sink in bathroom
    • Electrical needs to be upgraded (Jim 10/30/16)
    • Sewer lines need to be cleared (Steve 10/30/16). Karol had the sewer lines routed to cut out roots nearly every year. Steve just remembered we have to plan for this. It's also one of the reasons why a washer/drier won't work in the basement (lines cannot handle the flow).
    • Crumbling chimney (property manager currently getting bids; Steve estimated $5,000)
  • John DeMay at ProEX Realty suggests getting a line of credit of about 15 - 20 thousand which we could pay off with rent revenues. But then we would have money for house fixes. I believe that means Judy, Jim, and I explore a line of credit, and as co owners, we would have to sign for it.
  • What happened with heating this winter? Did the rentors complain about too little heat?
  • Jim needs to send out financial status (yes, we got some, but at some point I think we ought to get a full spreadsheet of income and expenses from time to time (quarterly?)
  • Owner's responsibility for paying taxes. Jim to talk to brother.
  • Judy expressed interest in selling house to a benefactor of the John Lautner legacy. Let's be sure to get an update when we schedule an annual meeting? Do we agree we want an annual meeting?
    • Northern University has declined some time ago (per Jim)
  • Steve has requested we add KareyAnne to the 1308 deed.
  • Jim said he would ask insurance person to send us copy of the house insurance. (July 2016)


  • Write a letter to MIPCA stating that we want KareyAnne and Judy to be our shareholders. Have all descendants sign: Mary, Judy, Steve, Bryce (or Tina). KareyAnne action item
  • Annual Lautner-Peterson/Morris Stakeholder meeting defined. Agenda defined. Someone needs to run the meeting and collect agenda items.
  • Once Judy/KareyAnn and Jim have locked in their dates at Midgaard, send out an announcement to other interested people and specify times available. List the scheduling contacts: Jim and Judy or KareyAnne.
  • Jim is the go to contact for Morris times at Midgaard. KareyAnne or Judy: which one of you wants to be the contact person for the Lautner-Peterson side?
  • Jim should write a letter stating that we want our shares (John and Karol) to go to KareyAnne and Judy.
  • Judy completing a document that spells out a succession plan for Lautner-Peterson owners. Once we have that complete, we might want to turn it into a legal document. And we might want to send a copy to MIPCA. Summary of Plan: KareyAnne and Judy, as shareholders, represent members of the John Lautner family. They do not "own" Midgaard as they might with a deed, but they have responsibilities as shareholders.



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