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First, the Mitsubishis- there is one called hyperheat that goes down to 13 below zero, ambient. It is 22,000 BTU's and if placed strategically could be the only one needed. It has to be a Hyperheat unit because the others only work down to 20 degrees.
This unit has a 12 year parts and compressor warranty and a 5 year labor warranty.
If a unit is purchased somewhere like where Aunt Mary found it, it would have to be installed by certified HVAC for any warranty to be effective.
A ballpark number for the Hyperheat is $6,000, but it's supposed to be very energy efficient.
Norm had an excellent idea about a Natural gas fireplace being inserted in the fireplace in the living room. He said it would be an excellent heat source for the downstairs and would still run if the power went out.
He agreed that just replacing the furnace without some type of "zone" plan may not save money in the long run. He'd be willing to look at the house and see if it's even possible to use a Mitsubishi or if there's any other options. He understands it's very important that costs are low and savings need to be high.
Please let me know what you think.
If you would like a free estimate that might have some good ideas, Steve could call him Monday.
Aunt Mary, I guess we need to see if the units you found are hyperheat units. If they were, then there would be a question on installation costs.

Action Items

Home Evaluation
(from Steve)
(from Search)
10/6/15 Jim is checking to see if there is enough money in the checking account.


  1. Definition of ownership
  2. Definition of involved owners and stakeholders
    1. Steve and KareyAnne want to participate
    2. Catherine and Tina like to visit and contribute
  3. List of all expenses and recurring charges
  4. List of all income, if any
  5. Use of camp: That would help towards expenses.

Also, I hope that we all can contribute even a very small amount every year to go into the account.
I also hope there is a calendar, possibly online, where we can check availability. Karol always knew when camp was open.
I would like to keep cleaning and "opening" camp with Jess. I truly enjoy that. I also enjoyed painting when needed and deck staining.
My two cents, thanks.

1308 Presque Isle

  1. Leases up April 2016
    1. Last 12 months income from rent
      1. What is comparable rent in Marquette?
  2. Expenses and recurring charges
  3. In the Family Cottage book you recommended,on page 63, it talks about "indestructible joint tenancy". Is that what we have with the 1308 property? Or do we have plain old joint tenancy?
  4. New furnace
    1. CGA-4 -
    2. CGA-6 -


Furnace options

Input on draft trust

From Jim 9/8/15:
I’m working my way through this draft. I have more questions than I think can be addressed in an email. I may need to engage an attorney near me to sit down with me and translate all the legalese into ordinary language.

However, I do have one overriding question for you to answer. You sent us an article last spring that presented three possible options for us to consider: LLC, trust or joint ownership with operating agreement. I think Karol told me at one point that an LLC is not an option for us because we collect rent on 1308 which makes it “for profit”, which, in turn, makes that property ineligible for an LLC. Is this right? In either case, I’d like to know which of these three options (or two options?) you recommend. I haven’t really heard a compelling reason to establish this trust.

In the meantime, I request that you revise page 5, paragraph 4.5 a. This paragraph is riddled with errors, rendering it even harder to understand than it already is. Please make changes and attach revised page to a subsequent email.


Second line: “shall be entitled …”?
Fourth line: Cathleen, not Kathleen
fifth line: again, “shall be entitled" … ?
sixth line: James Morris, not John Morris
eighth line: “Trustee may (what verb?) the number" … distribute?
ninth line: “are equal to” not “is equal to”
eleventh line: James Morris, not Lautner. Also “were to die” not “was to die”
second-to-last line: “an”, not “and”
last line: James Morris, not James Lautner

Why I need a lawyer in Marquette

  • Help me define ownership of Midgaard (hopefully understanding Middle Island Point Campers' Association).
    • Shares are owned "in common". Research and validate that this is still true and explain what that means.
  • To recommend an appraiser

Lawyer Resources

Michael P. Celello from Mary Deloria July 2015 800 699-6689,726423,726460

  • - looks like a good choice
  • - looks mostly commercial
  • - looks mostly commercial and litigation
  • From Steve Hicks: May 26, 2015 - The names that may make sense is Tom Clark and or Greg Murphy. They are generalists and I believe they would be capable. Weather is still on the cold rainy side but its better than snow. May 25 - Robert Anderson is mostly a trust / elder law practice attorney
  • Tom Clark and Greg Murphy: 102 W Washington St # 112, Marquette, MI 49855 Phone:(906) 228-8316

Conflict of interest (Steve is probably using as well)
Kenneth J Seavoy - Kendricks Law - Kenneth J. Seavoy
128 West Spring Street
Marquette, Michigan 49855
906-226-2819 (fax)
Houghton Office: (906) 482-4288.

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