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Google Ads

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Apply different types of bid strategies to manage your bids depending on your performance goals.

What they are: Choose from strategies that are applied to a single campaign (such as manual CPC bidding), or flexible bid strategies such as “Maximize clicks” or “Target search page location” that can be applied across campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.

What to do: You can change your bid strategy type at any time. Use the Settings tab to change the bid strategy type for a single campaign, or click Bid strategy on the Ad groups or Keywords tabs. Visit your Shared library to create a new flexible bid strategy.

Learn how to choose a bid strategy
Learn more about flexible bid strategies


  • How hard is it to make an ad live for a specific period? For example, if MTC has openings for massage, make ad live for two days…
  • Answer: you can set dates and times for ads to run


Set up ad campaign per demographic (for example, sports, seniors, pregnant women)

Identify up to 20 keyword phrases (per demographic)

  1. Enter into Campagin Manager under keywords
  2. Note the estimated cost per click to get the ad on the first page of a Google organic search and the cost per click if a user clicked on ad having used that keyword
  3. I believe all the ads under one campaign have to use the same keywords

Write Ad


Keywords connected to ads

Choose type of ad:
Ads on organic search
Ads on display networks (video, etc)

Extend ad with

Campaign Manager

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More background

  • What keywords are your competitors using?
  • Use re-marketing lists. Define. What are they?
  • What about Google Plius?
  • What are ad extensions?
  • Ad rotation. Could create three ads for one demographic and rotate and see if it makes any difference.
  • Test position of ad.
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