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facebook help page https://www.facebook.com/help/589747184405742/?ref=u2u
visual story telling: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/visual-storytelling-on-facebook/
edgerank (pages and personal): https://www.facebook.com/notes/mari-smith/new-tool-measures-your-facebook-page-edgerank-score/10150143562051340

Yoko 11/7/13 Eagle Awards

Move Facebook Eagle Awards to Diane

How do people get notified when Eagle Awards makes a change on professional page
When you post to your Page, people who like your Page may see it in their feeds. (Note the word *may*)

  • Facebook Edgerank – the algorithm Facebook uses to decide how much of your audience will see your post – takes into account a variety of factors including what type of post it is (photo/video/status/link.etc.) and how people have reacted to your past content (if they shared your last post like crazy, Facebook will probably show your next post to more people).
  • And time is one of the factors Facebook uses in Edgerank. Older content gets shown less, but if you post too often, your new posts will start cannibalizing the engagement of the previous posts.
  • The sweet spot for many brands is about once per day, but you'll want to test for your own brand and see what gets you the best engagement.

Pages organically reach about 16% of their fans on average.* This is not unique to business Pages. The degree of reach between users and their Friends is similar as well. Fans may miss content from friends or business Pages if they are not logged onto the site during a period when your posts are active in Newsfeed. Additionally, with all the content that is being shared daily, Newsfeed uses an algorithm to rank content based upon the likely interest to a user to help deliver the most relevant content. (*Read More here: comScore's The Power of Like

By posting engaging content, you can increase the reach of your posts. Engaging content includes posting videos/photos, asking questions, sharing helpful and exclusive information and more. Another way to make sure your fans see your stories is by sponsoring your posts. To sponsor your posts:

a) Visit https://facebook.com/ads/create
b) Choose to boosts your most recent Page post.
c) Select your desired targeting, run dates, and budget.
d) Post regularly on your Page and we’ll distribute your most recent post to your target audience.

If you sponsor a Page post, it can go to people who like your Page or their friends. You can choose who will see your sponsored Page posts in the ad create flow.

How to create album

Facebook logo as part of electronic signature

Population of likes does it notify them? Can you get the names? Etc.

Share: what does it do?

Details on promote page

Send messages: (from Facebook): No, the ability to send a message to your guest list is no longer available. You can still use your event's Wall to get in touch with the people you've invited to your event. This will keep all of your event info in one place, so anyone who joins can see these extra details.

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New panel for new products

November 22 & 23
Serving booze

How do you tag photos
People cant tag pages and pages cant tag people… Facebook is missing the point on this bigtime. We need that connection with our customers. FACEBOOK PLEASE FIX THIS !

i had the same problem people couldn't tag my page but my daughter has found a way around it :) go into settings on your profile (not page) go onto followers and click allow followers then you and other people will be allowed to tag your page IN THE COMMENTS BOX ONLY (not the photo) - to tag you and others will need to put the @ sign before typing the page name. YOU AS A PAGE CANNOT TAG FRIENDS ONLY OTHER PAGES but they can tag you hope this works as well for you as it has for me a big thank you to my daughter :)

Block people Diane gave me a list

If Yoko shares can it be from Eagle Awards how to share with others

Messaging Your "likes"
Try this, You need to be logged in as yourself and then switch to your business page by adding the name of your business page to the search box at the top of your page. you will see it will say that you are now posting as yourself.
If you then click "MY LIKES" You will be able to click on a name to message them ( you will find MY LIKES in the admin panel between GET MORE LIKES and INSIGHTS "SEE LIKES") hope this works for you it took me ages to figure it out….

Selling from Facebook

As a Page admin, you can update the people who like your Page and their friends by using the sharing tool located on at the top of your Page's timeline. From the sharing tool, you can:
Update your status
Post photos
Post an offer
Create an event
Share a link
Record or upload a video
These posts appear on your Page's timeline and may appear in News Feed for people who've already liked your Page and their friends.

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posting info https://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=10201811005610776

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