Eagle Awards

Grace, Mary, and Diane 8/11/15

Homework results

  • Instagram to facebook: easy!!!

Here's how:

  1. To share a photo on a Facebook Page instead of your personal account, launch Instagram and view the Options page. In the iOS app, you can find the Options page by viewing your profile, then tapping on the gear icon. …
  2. Select "Share Settings."
  3. Tap "Facebook," then "Share Photos To" on the next screen.
  • pinterest to facebook
  • Can't do to professional facebook page (yet)

Yoko and Mary 3/28/14

  • facebook:If you post on the Eagle Awards Facebook page, does every one who "liked" the Eagle Awards page see the posting? Mary thinks not, but will check. Possible Facebook bug: The image Mary posted on Eagle Award's Facebook page also (https://www.facebook.com/EagleAwards) shows up on https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eagle-Awards/107297752623281
  • Google +: why use it? Increases SEO. Yoko will investigate. It has to be set up with the business email because it's linked into every Google account (for example, as a personal user, if you sign into Google and search you will get a different result than if you are anonymous. And from your one login you can get to your Google + account.)
  • Twitter: great idea for promos, tips. Mary will show Yoko how to create a short URL. Twitter feeds can automatically post to Facebook (but will it post to a Facebook business page? Mary will find out).
  • Yelp: going great. But can you see the people who viewed your business?
  • Linked In: second tier focus. Might be useful to investigate; not sure it offers much. Yoko's great question: do you search for services on LinkedIn? Well, no.
  • Eagle Awards new web page
    • Once page is ready to go, can set up a redirect so if anyone searches on siliconvalleyawards.com it will redirect to the Eagle Awards web page.
    • EA is moving from Yahoo hosting to Comcast hosting
    • Sophia is working on web page.

Next meeting? How about Friday April 11 3pm?

DRAFT web site


Why use Google Plus? 1/30/14


  1. Improve search results (see realtor document)
  2. Build relationships with key influencers. Since Eagle Awards is in the heart of Silicon Valley and counts Google as one of their clients, using Google+ to build connections makes strong business sense.
  3. Increase visibility

How to set up a business on Google Plus



According to Mike Grishaver, Product Management & Monetization
at LinkedIn, Company Pages provide “a more powerful way to build
relationships with your target audience on LinkedIn.” With its emphasis
on visual and relevant content, LinkedIn’s Company Pages give
businesses a more complete set of tools to do effective marketing.

With its affluent and influential membership, LinkedIn represents
a valuable demographic for marketers. A user can easily discover
the people employed by a certain company, or the various types
of businesses a certain person has worked for. So if you’re looking
to connect with industry professionals and generate leads for your
business, it’s pretty obvious; LinkedIn should be an integral part of your
social media marketing strategy

Diane and Grace would have links to company page from their pages

Trophy company on LinkedIn (sample)


Meeting Notes February 14, 2014 - Grace, Diane, Sophia, Mary

Awards Recognition Convention Las Vegas - http://www.ara.org/vegas/

  • Grace/Diane working on contest entries for convention
  • Grace is reviewing the last three years of customers: who has highest sales? what are the highest months? By determining key customers and key buying cycles EA can plan for upcoming work by contacting customers in advance, offering deals, etc.
  • Infrastructure: working on. Want to convert over to BizWizard (http://www.netsoftstudio.com)
  • Always asking the question: how did they find Eagle Awards?
  • Sophia has been struggling with web site. Likes that one can set up seasonal content and schedule it. Grace wants Sophia to explore Dreamweaver and see if it is easier to use than Jumla. (BTW kudos to Sophia for grabbing siliconvalleyawards.com!!! Who knows????)

Recent stories

Always looking for stories that help customers understand the business. Adding pictures is key. For example, Crowne Plaza Palo Alto (formerly Cabana Hotel) http://www.cabanapaloalto.com. They came to Eagle Awards with a small sign order and found out that Eagle Awards could do much more. As a result, Eagle Awards is now making a large order of signs, including ADA-compliant signs.

Action items 2/14/14

  • Mary will write up some sample blogs based on business stories
  • Grace wants to know how much maintenance social media takes. Mary has to define.
  • Sophia will explore Dreamweaver as a web site development tool and report back.
  • Grace will send group Yelp data to review
  • Mary will set up Linked In and Google Plus
  • Everyone gather pictures of cool award stuff
  • Consider promotional opportunities for the races Diane and Grace attend

Sophia and Mary January 20, 2014

  1. Sophia complete and upload web site. Contact Yahoo and figure out how
  2. Mary explore opportunities for setting up Google Plus and Linked In web sites (because each requires maintenance; what are we getting?) http://blogs.constantcontact.com/product-blogs/social-media-marketing/google-plus/
  3. Sophia work on getting Corel Draw/Excel merge process up so that Diane and Grace do not need to retype names into Corel Draw (very time consuming)
  4. Sophia explore how to make quoting an easier process

Building your own web site


Brainstorming ideas (Mary) (http://bryantstreetcafe.wikidot.com/awards-details)

Maybe we should start with some basics as far as social media marketing is concerned

Meeting September 23, 2013

Grace, Diane, Sophia

  • Open house: working on setting a date between end of Oct and before Thanksgiving
  • Signed up for Yelp. Mary will review the YELP area and provide feedback
  • Doing a lot of word of mouth offering specials
  • Working on web page using Joomla (http://www.joomla.org/)
  • Working on getting into online Quickbooks by January 1, 20134
  • Do have emails; working on seeing if can be pulled out of Quickbooks
  • Mary would like to come and take pictures to use for promoting open house
  • Working on corporate programs:
    • Re-order discounts
    • Having products in stock ready to ship when they want them
    • Want to create custom-designed recognition products such as bundling business card holders and other customized to corporate look items
    • Presentation folders: creating a design. Want to use for Corporate meetings. Also customize for each corporation.
    • Corporate games: working with Scott who sets up baseball teams for corporations. Strong relationships where he sets up the game logistics; Eagle Awards provides the awards. Looking at a world series of corporate games or other activities. Corporate games could include other types of games such as dictionary, bowling, Go Karting.

Next steps (among others)

  • Mary review Yelp page
  • Mary come down and see new showroom and take pictures which can be used for facebook page and web page (and also Yelp?)
  • Diane and Grace settle on open house date
  • Grace work on web page
  • Mary, Grace, and Diane define marketing promo plan for open house

Meeting May 14, 2013

Diane and Grace
Vision: Be the corporate awards company
Products: customized awards and related products (office tools)

  • Evaluating: what's biggest bang for their buck
  • They are collecting stories from customers
  • They need to ask customers how they heard about them
  • They can review demographics from their google analytics account; need to figure out how to get to it. (http://www.google.com/analytics/)
  • Grace is working on web page; knows word press and wants to set up their page on word press
    • A friend is helping them with their web site
  • They would like to build a trophy online: have customers pick and choose
    • People are visual; if they had the elements they could build it themselves
  • They would like a yearly contest - maybe talk about the wackiest award,biggest award, etc.
  • Customers: Vmware, HP, Google, facebook,
  • Would like to expand into real estate, medical, schools. Maybe have open houses for each market segment

Next step

  • Get on facebook (Mary will look into and create a business page)
  • facebook plugins: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/
  • Mary: compile list of best practices to improve online search
  • Grace: get existing web page more current
  • Start building new web site

Social Media activities brainstorm

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/EagleAwards

  • Learn about placing ads
  • Learn about invitations
  • Learn about other facebook offerings
  • Make sure address is included (some issue with another Eagle Awards facebook page)
  • Pictures of Diane and Grace as featured owners

Current Keywords

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