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Provide Tips, how tos, series, screen casts, interview and record (ooovu). Jing = camtasia. 60 to 90 seconds is about right.

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Have to sign up for a business account to use this feature

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B2B effort but used through consumer channels. Interesting to consider as I have often wondered how B2B efforts get recognition and awareness when they are trying to reach other companies. Another takeaway: closely coordinated, used many social media platforms and staged information and provided access to information.

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Three Social Media Metrics Your Business Should Track, Social Media Examiner
Reader Comment providers useful framework for tracking metrics: AJ this is a great post. We will definitely be adding the use of advanced traffic segments. We use kiss metrics to get rich profiles of the visitors who convert and better understand where they came from and all the events they do before the conversion. Its incredible to see that while only 3-10% of content visitors convert right away, 20-30% of social traffic visitors eventually converts. We are also using google analytics events coupled with search terms, blog pages, and referral paths to understand the content that converts, and lastly, we analyze the hash tags on tweets that get clicks to 3rd party content to understand the content that engages. For us in the B2B IT services market with long complex sales cycles, measuring 'soft conversions' has been a big win - for this we measure what content and sources convert traffic from consuming content to "clicking through to learn more about the clients services". The insights and feedback to the overall content and marketing strategy are incredibly valuable.

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