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November 13 - 17 Cathy and Mary
Visit to Christopher.



  1. Electric stove
  2. Refrigerator
  3. Washer/drier


  1. Vertical ladder to second floor


  1. Make walkway safe
  2. Replace stove with two burner induction cooktop

More thoughts

  1. Christopher should be living with a basic level of care. Caregiver brochure: and network of caregivers:
  2. Geriatric Regional Assessment Team 425-899-6300. How is Chris's quality of care monitored? This may be a resource?
  3. Seattle resources for older folks:
  4. What is Chris' relationship to his son? Will Chris take recommendations from him (such as improving his environment) or not?

Cathy conversation 11/19/13

Goal: Get inside of houseboat livable

Early December
  • Andrew measure space and take pictures
  • Susan order furniture
    • Drop down table where "hutch" is located
    • Desk in living room
    • Bookshelves if needed
    • Lamps, lighting
    • Two kitchen chairs (folding)
    • Bedroom: bed, clothes storage, etc.
    • Living room: couch, chairs, etc.
    • "Guest cottage" if the woman can get her stuff out, the back cottage could be set up as a guest space for family members to come and visit Chris with bed, dresser, chairs, etc.
    • Area rugs (living room and bedroom)
  • Provide estimated cost for Andrew
  • Arrange for someone to build and install furniture
  • (possibly) arrange for a painter
End of December (Susan and Mary or Cathy come up to Seattle)
  • Andrew takes Chris off to do something for the day, and then….
  • Furniture delivered
  • Painter
  • Furniture installed

Susan thoughts 11/19/13

Chris - Susan comments 11/19/13

  • Assess bathroom and consider
    • Cover floor and walls with green board and seal seams with urethane. Rubber wall? Seam from floor to lower wall. Paint walls with epoxy paint or high gloss.
    • Assess sturdiness of walls. Walls could move and seal may flex and stay waterproof (same concept as sealing door threshold)
    • Assess shower. Install grab bars shower and toilet. Premade shower?
    • Plywood on floor in bath and seal.
  • Bed with flex. Motor to lift head.
  • Vinyl wallpaper with marine theme on one wall.
  • Good lighting.
  • Install french folding doors to bedroom (with shatterproof glass?). Fix it so doors can be set in open position.
  • Large flat screen tv to encourage him to stay there. Store DVDs there. Doubled bed.
  • Bedding soft and warm. Bracket on wall for bedding? Might be too much.
  • Change all locks. Lock with fob you click to open?
  • Plywood on living room if appropriate and seal. Cut around kitchen.
  • Plates and flatware???
  • Color?
  • Fix couch leg.
  • Provide nice throw.
  • What supplies heat?

November 2013

Christopher looked like Father Christmas, with a flowing white beard and long white hair. We saw him for dinner Thursday night and lunch Friday and Saturday. He was unsteady on his feet Thursday after two cocktails. We had to stop several times in order to walk to the car, a half block away. The next two days he was a bit more alert, but he was not able to provide clear directions. Cathy attempted to raise issues of hygiene (getting him to a barber) but it was difficult. I would say Chris appears to have a privacy around him that is hard to get through. Cathy said she thinks Chris "just tolerates her". Chris obviously enjoys Cathy as she is so lively and humorous, but as I think we both suspected, Chris is disengaged. As Cathy said, he has never had anyone close to him except his wife. During our time together we kept the conversation on a light note and found many easy humorous areas to laugh at, such as watching a man hold two ropes to a massive boat that was by the dock and wondering what he was doing. Turns out they were waiting for two people so they weren't planning on docking. Chris enjoys the company.

We worry about his safety on so many levels. He is living on a boathouse that requires trekking over a slippery dirt path and a tipsy plank to get inside. When we came Saturday the house was so steamed up we could not see inside; it seemed clear he had forgotten the water kettle and it was bubbling away on the stove. There was no food in the house. He was unkempt.

There was a young man who was staying in the back room but apparently left due to fear of Chris setting something on fire. There is a woman who rents the back shed for storage for $100 a month.

March 11, 2014 Susan ideas
18 wheeler truck mirrors so chris can see more
Video camera attached to computer
Christmas lights on boat
Handholds on houseboat

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