Rob Funeral April 20. 2015

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MARC Train
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Urgent care

Add to packing list

  1. talcum powder
  2. Vicks
  3. Mouthwash (put in 30z containers)
  4. Cough drops
  5. Kleenex
  6. Sinus rinse
  7. Nose gel
  8. Lotion
  9. Pepcid
  10. Ibuprofen
  11. Plastic utensils
  12. Plastic plates
  13. Eye drops
  14. Nose spray
  15. Anti itch cream


Fri Jan 23 Ar hotel 8ish
Sat Jan 24
Slept until 10:30; got up at 12:30 (10.5 hrs sleep)
Walk around local shopping center; buy coasters and a ruler
Back to hotel; rest
4:30 or so go visit Rob (Mary heads off to Walgreens for supplies, above)
Mary at Starbucks
5:30 pick up Susan
Back to hotel, have dinner, watch a movie, go to sleep

Sunday Jan 25
9:30 wake up
Susan has a shower
11:30 go to Rob's
12:30 drive to museum
1-2 have lunch at Gertrude's
2-4:30 visit museum
5:00 get pizza for Rob
5:30-7:00 Susan visit Rob
Mary hangs out at Starbuck's
7-8 locate Safeway and get takeout
9:0 Mary takes a bath
10:30 Susan falls asleep
Restless night

Monday January 26, 2015

Awake and feeling good at 8.
Susan wanted to sleep more.
About 8:30 - 9:15 I exercised at Fitness Center at hotelL: 20 min running, weights, and stretches. Felt good.
Back to room, Susan asleep. Had some crackers, cheese, and coffee.
Read for a while.
11:00 Woke Susan up, asked if she wanted to wake up.
While she was waking up, I got a breakfast sandwich and a latte at the Cafe in the Center.
We left hotel about 12:00 to go to the Patient First Center because Susan thought she had a bladder infection or UTI.
We were there until about 1:00. Took urine sample. Blood test for sugar because they found sugar in her urine. Blood test reading was 65, which was good. Susan got an antibiotic (SMZ/TMP DS 800MG/160 (Bactrum DS) for three days 2 times a day) and Phenazopyridine 3x a day).
Then off to Macy's where I got more shirts and underwear (I had spiiled on all of my shirts!). Lunch at about 3pm. Salad with chicken, small amount of chicken soup. Then at 4:40 got Susan to Rob's for a visit. It's been a pretty good day.

Tuesday January 27
10:30 woke up: 11 hours of sleep!
Breakfast at Village Square Cafe 11:30ish
Visit Rob. I went for more Depends. Then a cold walk around a local neighborhood of brick houses.
Then to Starbucks for a drink. Close to 3pm I was hungry so I bought a Panini at Starbucks. Off to hotel. While Susan rested I walked around the shopping center and bought some interesting clothes at a local store. Checked out Elizabeth Arden's Red Door spa prices. Yikes!!! $95 for a gel manicure!!!
Back to hotel to hang out for a bit. Dinner at 6:30 at hotel. I had the steak salad.
Susan visited Rob at 8. I went to Whole Foods to get some Odwalla protein drinks (Eddie's has never heard of them), and then back to hotel. Talked to Connie for a bit. I picked Susan back up around 9:30, then we got ready for bed.
Sleep at about midnight. Up and down all night; could not resist the trail mix I bought at Whole Foods. Have to stop buying that.

Wednesday January 28
Woke up at 7:29, one minute before my alarm was to go off.
I took a bath.
We decided earlier to forgo D.C. Susan is just too tired. We may drive to Gettysburg.

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