Vida Lautner Resources

  • From Erik and Linda
    • Hammer Museum. They just did a retrospective of one of the Group of Seven artists in Canada. Also, of course, they did an exhibit of John Lautner
    • Museums will store for short term - From Linda and Erik
    • Flint Museum: interested in art from the area - From Linda and Erik
    • Smithsonean: interested in folk art - From Linda and Erik
    • Group of Seven Artists from Canada: did Vida have any connection to them?? - From Linda and Erik
    • Universities in the Bay Area art programs where student candidates might want to work on this. From Melissa.


  • Are there art students who would want to write a thesis about Maya?
  • Are there universities who want to archive her collection first pass (like Marquette did for my grandmother)

Archive storage boxes

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Archive Services



  • A friend in Marin, Laura Lengyel, a visual artist, who has done a fine job of dealing with a large collection of the work of Gary Schafer, who was possibly as well known as your grandmother. Just google " Laura Lengyel artist " or, " Laura La Foret Lengyel " Am sure she would agree to discussing painting preservation techniques, Especially for Women's Art ! Let me know if, or when, you would like me to set up that connection for you. Am very sure she'd have some hot tips for you.

Maya's collection

  • Besides, drawings and a few etchings, (there is hardly any color work) the 'scope' includes several banker boxes of carousels of kodachrome slides that are fairly well organized.
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