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SMM9000 The Power of Community: An Introduction to Social Media

SMM9001 Mastering Social Media: 3 Essential Tools for the Business Professional


SMM9002 Engaging Your Community: Creating Effective Social Media Campaigns


SMM9003 Social Media in Real World

SMM9005 Integrating Social Media into the Overall Marketing Strategy

SMM9006 Metrics and Measurement: The Key to Social Media Marketing Success


MKTG 9624 Maximizing Search Engine Optimization


Final Homework







Case Study

Small Business marketing plan

  • What’s the plan to bring in new clients? To keep clients?

To build trust and loyalty?

  • How is this business targeting different sectors?
  • How does social media marketing fit into the general marketing plan?
  • Use key-influencers of your target market, understand what they’re doing
  • How to measure success and ROI? What are our goals, how will we know

we’ve achieved them? Are we being effective? Tracking market changes?

Brand awareness

  • Use same logo on all marketing?
  • How to use ‘Best Of’ logo?
  • How to promote our exceptional therapists?

Does each platform require its own strategy?

  • Same content on each, or different content? - OK to reuse other people's content. When you "like", forward, and retweet, you get more engagement and visibility.
  • Quality of content (content that engages people so they read, save, share)
  • Does content meet the needs of our clients/prospects?
  • How to make it easy to share and forward content? (Share buttons)
  • How to engage our audience? (eg. share success stories)
  • What will MTC’s presence be?
  • How to tap into clients’ wisdom?
  • Do we need to know how many followers are local?
  • How much time to spend each week on social media marketing?
  • Good mobile format?

You have to deliver genuinely interesting and valuable content that meets the
needs of your audience and actively engages them.’ ~Sally Falkow


  • What advantage to have more ‘Likes’? (SEO, sharing w friends)
  • Sell or build community?
  • Share personal info on FB?
  • How important is commenting? (goes into friends’ newsfeeds?)
  • Content: photos, cartoons, humor, discounts, blog, NL/promos
  • Place images vs. auto post via Shop Palo Alto, Twitter, blog, CC
  • How often to post?
  • FB Offers, redeemed shows up in friends’ newsfeed
  • Events page (Be a resource?)
  • ‘Like’ other organizations? Share their posts?
  • How to get people to ‘Like’ our company?
  • add Like button on website?
  • CC mailing, card at front desk, ‘Like us’ and get 20% off
  • Statistics: # of Likes, # of clicks on blog links


  • What advantage to MTC to have more followers?
  • Follow others? (impacts Google)
  • Use hashtags in message? i.e. #massage discount
  • Geo-location search to identify local prospects
  • Statistics: # of followers, # of clicks on links, # of retweets (and how
  • many followers does the person who retweeted you have?)

RSS news feed to syndicate our blog content??


  • Define our vision for blog. Who’s the target audience? Does the blog
  • meet their needs? What do they want?
  • Should topics be limited? (Categories), add Zen?
  • Does quality of content matter? Repeat website content?
  • Length of posts?
  • How often to post?
  • Enable Comments?
  • Statistics: how many people clicked a link?

Constant Contact Newsletter

  • NL article different from blog post?
  • Post on FB, Twitter?
  • Website signup:
  • Ask for full name, city?
  • Tell what they’ll receive i.e. promos (to build trust)
  • Constant Contact Promos
  • Post on FB, Twitter?

Shop Palo Alto
update photo, info, use images?


Use a CC mailing to ask for positive reviews? A postcard at front desk?

  • Google Reviews
  • Google+
  • Linkedin
  • Possible Promotions
  • contests
  • raffle
  • e-Book, articles
  • products w logo
  • sell other products: music, massage products, skin care
  • frequent use card
  • higher discount
  • weekend sidewalk shows
  • free talk or activity

Articles and comments SMM 9001 Social Media Marketing Tools


Some of my comments. The ability to get targeted content.
From book: Twitterville: How Businesses Can Thrive in the New Global Neighborhoods by Shel Israel.
Read more: http://www.marketingtechblog.com/15-busines-reasons-to-use-twitter/#ixzz2MDx4VEu8

  1. Distributing coupons and offers
  2. Communicating with Employees
  3. Receiving Customer Complaints
  4. Finding or Posting a Job (#job OR #jobs near:Indianapolis within:50mi)
  5. Information Seeking and Sharing
  6. Inbound Marketing Strategy
  7. Hiumanizing Business
  8. Personal Branding
  9. Twitter SEO with hashtags
  10. Effective Networking
  11. Viral Marketing
  12. Fund Raising
  13. Online Ordering
  14. Public Relations
  15. Communicate Alerts

Shel mentions that some of the business use cases in his books can’t be attributed directly to revenue.

Read more: http://www.marketingtechblog.com/15-busines-reasons-to-use-twitter/#ixzz2MDxzeOb1


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